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We define the opportunities and risks you might face in entering or expanding in Africa. With local partners we develop knowledge and insights on the individuals, institutions, and issues driving relevant change across the continent. We offer: Advise Facilitating contacts with institutions, partners and potential clients.

Diversity & Inclusion

We help to unleash the full opportunity that Diversity can be. To make better decisions and drive societal and economic innovation, public institution, firms and organizations must learn to appreciate and stimulate the knowledge and experience of individuals with different backgrounds and viewpoints. We offer: Advise , workshops, lectures and help to design a beneficial and innovative policy for public institutions , organisations and firms.

About us

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SCEED Diversity & Inclusion consulting helps clients develop and deliver inclusion strategies. We take a global view of diversity and inclsuion and ensure alignement with your expectations. We consider that Diversity is an added value so that the opportunities it brings can be beneficial to our clients from institutions , policy makers, organisations etc..

Senior consultant Omar Ba

Omar Is a Diversity and Inclusion consultant with wide range of actions in divers sectors. He has a strong and innovative view on the way Globalisation is affecting society and cities throughout the world. Migration, Demographic evolutions, Transitional & transforming Cities and very specific issues concerning Sub-Saharan Africa Diaspora’s in divers part of the EU